Membership Application

Thank you for showing interest in the No Bullshit Racing League.  We are striving for close clean racing with a rule structure that applies to all league participants.  In other leagues that some of our founding members have run in, they had rules that applied to everyone except admins, owners, donors and favorites.  That will not be tolerated here.  Everyone here will be on an equal playing field (No Exceptions).  We will never accept donations.  If you would like special treatment or favoritism this is probably the wrong league for you.  If you would like a brotherhood of racers to race against and better your race craft with, then we are the league for you.

General Rules

Paint Scheme Rules

  • Nascar Cup Style Paint Jobs (No Unrealistic Paints)
  • Mandatory contrasting numbers (no black on black scheme etc)
  • No displaying or advertising other league logos during NBRL racing events.

Please upload your paint scheme to Trading Paints.


All drivers must be in the practice session 20 minutes prior to the Mandatory Drivers Meeting

Drivers Meeting will start after the 80 minute practice session. Purpose is to assure that a driver will have at least a minimum of 20 minute practice prior to the required drivers meeting.

Drivers Meeting is Mandatory please exit car and shut off ignition after the practice session ends. Be in the Discord Channel for a 10 minute meeting to go over specific track rules and league matters.

Please advise a league official of your situation if you can not make it to the meeting in time. Failure to make the required minimum 20 minutes of practice and drivers meeting will be handled in this way.

  • Failure to make 20 minutes of mandatory practice without prior authorization from a league official, you may be unable to race that session.

Treat Everyone with Respect – If you can not be respectful you will be removed from this League.  Absolutely no hate speech of any kind will be tolerated.  No badmouthing other drivers.  If you engage in this type of behavior this is not the league for you.

No Cussing or Calling Out Drivers.

  • First Time – Verbal Warning
  • Second Time – Green Flag Pass Thru (GFPT)
  • Third Time – Ejection From The Race.
No Headhunting, Targeting or Over Aggressive Driving

 A Microphone is Mandatory To Race & Practice – Need for communication

Steering Wheel and Pedals are Mandatory – No Joysticks for steering!

Pit Parties – Last 10 minutes of practice (Use to work on the following):
      •    Maintain a Steady Pace Speed – No On & Off the throttle
      •    Closing The Gap – No Laying Back
      •    No Changing lanes before start/finish line

Driver Numbers & Probation
      •    New Members – will be assigned a 3 digit number (100 Series). No qualifying for all 3 digit numbers!

      •    Termination – Member not conforming to the NBRL Rules will be dropped while on probation.  Termination will be decided on by all league officials and will be a majority vote.

      •    Reason – NBRL Officials will always give you a reason for expulsion from the league.

      •    Acceptance – After competing in a minimum of 3 races and no more then 6 races you will be reviewed by league officials.  When accepted you will receive your 2 digit number.

     •    Permanent Number – Members who misses 8 or more consecutive weeks (without prior notification to league officials of a “Leave of Absence“) will be assigned a 200 Series number.

     •    Reinstatement – Upon returning you will be allowed to choose any 2 digit number not already assigned.

Driver Profile Page
      •   Submit Profile – Required to submit a driver profile 2 weeks after being assigned a permanent number

         Bios – Just submit a few lines about yourself. I.e. (Previous Race Exp., Hobbies, What Got You Into Iracing Etc.)  If you need help just ask.

      •   Picture – Submit a driver picture 250 x 250 pixels and save it as a YourName.jpg

     •    Car Image – Submit a car image of 1920 x 1080 and save it as a YourNameCar.png (If you need help please ask).

Race Reviews
      •    Poor Race-Craft – Drivers causing repeated cautions or numerous incidents will be put on a 3 race probation

      •    Temp Number – Will have their number changed, adding a zero in front of their current number (#0XX)

      •    Reason – Will be contacted by phone to discuss their driving and race-craft

      •    Driving School – Will be required to attend at least one 2 hour session with an NBRL Official.

     •    Reinstatement – After attending driving school and demonstrating good race-craft.

Race Communications
      •    All Race Communications – Use the iRacing channel only.
      •    For General Talking – Use Discord, discuss incidents when the race is over, save chit chat for caution lamps and to a minimum.
      •    Use Relative Screen F3 – You are responsible to know the traffic situation
      •    Leader or 1st Car – Always announce the pace car position on the cautions
      •    Use Communication For Good Race-Craft

Pitting IN – Clarified at the drivers meetings for all tracks
      •    Hot Pit Off Turn 4 – Some tracks use access road
      •    Pit Lane – Mandatory to Stay to the Right except when passing never go below the middle
      •    Entering your pit box – Blend in no more than 2-3 stalls before your box

Pitting OUT
•    Always Enter Track – Middle of backstretch at every track
•    Never Enter Track In Turn 2
•    Right of Way – Cars on track have the right of way, stay low until you reach race speed

Race Strategy
      •    1st 25% of race – Use to get settled in
      •     Middle 50% of race – Apply your race strategy
      •     Last 25% of race – Get up on the wheel, time to go racing

Protect Your Equipment – Control Your Aggression!
      •    0 Resets and 9 incidence points – (ARCA/Truck/Xfinity/Cup Series)
      •     Race-Craft – No over aggressive driving, getting into bumper, dive bombing corners, targeting or headhunting.
      •    Respect 
– Always race drivers the way you want to be raced and be respectful
       •    Consequences 
– Your actions not only affect you, but also your fellow competitors.  Penalties will be assessed for the next race.

Starts/Restarts – Laying Back Will Not Be Tolerated – Period! (Will be dealt with harshly, resulting in a DQ!)
      •     Leader Always Has Lane Choice – Must decide before the 1 to go is displayed
      •     Close The Gap – Until you Don’t see the logo on the bumper on the car in front of you
      •     Maintain a Steady Pace Speed – No On & Off the throttle (Know the pace speed)
      •     No Changing lanes before start/finish line
      •     Always Start In 2nd Gear
      •     GO ON GREEN – No rolling into the throttle when pace car goes in (Wait for the green lights)

Cautions – LIFT OFF THE THROTTLE! You Can Not improve your position as iRacing sorts this out
      •    Damaged Car – Can’t catch car ahead PULL OVER & REQUEST A TOW helps eliminate black flags

Aggressive Driving – Will be put on probation & Must attend Driving School
      •    Getting Into Bumper – Wrecking or turning a car WILL NO BE TOLERATED PERIOD!
      •    Dive Bombing Corner – Causing an incident by not holding your line
      •    Over Aggressive Driving – When going in to corner especially early in a race
      •    Race-Craft – Failure to control your car.  Do not slide into competitors
      •    Road Racing – First car into corner has right of way, or failure to yield

Intentional Wrecking or Retaliation
      •    Intentional Wrecking – No intentionally wrecking a driver period!
      •    Retaliation – No retaliation to a driver during the race or after the checkers
      •    Cautions – No deliberate action to bring out a caution by any means

Penalties may include EOL, GFPT, Loss of Points, Probation or Expulsion from the league.

Tri-Ovals S/F Line – Admin To Clarify at all tracks
      •     Qualifying Only – Allowed to go below the (White or Yellow) line at S/F line
      •     Racing – Always stay above the (White or Yellow) line at S/F line

Lapped Traffic – Use your Relative Screen F3 It is your responsibility to know the traffic situation
      •     Do Not Make It Difficult for lead lap cars to pass!
      •     Always Give Fast Line to leaders (stay high or low depending on track, not in the middle)
      •     Just Breathe the Throttle – Allow the passing car an easier time to complete the pass
      •     Always race drivers the way you want to be raced
      •     No advancing position under yellow lines.

Lucky Dog Rule – iRacing controls this
      •     Stay to the left – When it is announced while pacing under caution
      •     Use your Relative screen F3 – Pay attention and know your surroundings while under caution

Poor or Lose Connection – Laps will not be awarded back

Warping – You will be asked to drop to the rear of the field and failure to do so will result in Ejection!

Black Flags – Will only be cleared if involved in a wreck that spun you through the pits resulting in a black flag.  Request for black flag removal be will be approved and at the end of the race reviewed by league officials.  If it is determined that black flag removal was not warranted you will lose all points for that race, EOL & GFPT penalty on the Next Race.

Qualifying – No EOL (End of the Line) will be given out, if you want an EOL DO NOT QUALIFY 

No Wall Riding Allowed –  No putting vehicle against wall and trying turn a fast lap! (It may be possible at some tracks)

After Submission a league official will be in contact with our discord information.