Richard Hans, Beats it Across the Finish Line!

Richard Hans, Kenneth Foxworth and Christopher Colombo finish 1-2-3 at Daytona”

Daytona Beach. Jun 15 2020,

On a partly cloudy 72º late evening. The Daytona Beach area was awakened by the sounds of thunder. A sound not to unfamiliar to the locals and the fans in the stands. But this time it was different!

The Rodney L. Shackleford Memorial 250 at Daytona was a great preseason race to showcase a new league. The NBRL (No Bullshit Racing League)

#23 Rodney L. Shackleford Memorial Camaro Driven by Dylan Bailey2”

Rodney L. Shackleford was a good friend and former roommate to one of our drivers who sadly past away from COVID-19. The race was named in his honor to help raise money for his family for final expenses. If you would like to donate please follow this link. Donate

The field took the track for practice at 8:30 pm eastern. Steve T. Cole led the practice session with a time of 0:47.110 and Kenneth Foxworth was the first runner up with a time of 0:47.392.

As in practice, Steve T. Cole had a blistering qualifying time of 0:47.556 to take the pole. Reven Ger who would start on the outside pole, was followed by Richard Hans, Kenneth Foxworth and Neil Zinn to round out the top 5.

A new Racing league has emerged with a tenacious and ferocious focus to become the premier iRacing League for NASCAR like Driving. The Rodney L. Shackleford 250 at Daytona has solidified the need for such a league. The NBRL has put together an amazing package for drivers and it awards good racecraft. The NBRL was Founded by Steve T. Cole. He developed the league based upon the fact that the driver and the staff are all equal, on and off the track.

A great emotional invocation was given on the memory of Rodney L. Shackleford by Dylan Bailey2. Then he commanded the Drivers to start their engines!

As the car rolled out onto the track the #23 Rodney L. Shackleford Memorial Camaro Driven by Dylan Bailey2 was given the lead for a parade lap, in Honor of Rodney. The Green flag was waived and the field of 8 was shuffled in to their qualifying order.

After three yellow flag laps, The green flag waived and Steve T. Cole and the #96 Whataburger Camaro was off to the lead. The #54 Spar Team Marketing Ford was outside and giving his best to stay with Cole for several laps. Ger took the lead for the first lead change of the race on lap on lap 4 only to fall back to second place shortly after.

Lap 7 brought out the first of three cautions. The #23 of Dylan Bailey2 got lose underneath Ger and got him lose and he spun out on the super stretch coming to rest just before hitting the retainer wall. Bailey in an effort to straighten out his car came back out on the track to collect the #33 of Kristopher Colombo. Colombo came out it with only a bit of right front damage. Luckily all three car were able to keep on the lead lap.

After the restart the field quickly merged into a single file line. Until lap 13 when Ger pulled out to form a second grove with Bailey in tow. The second line proved to be fast but lose for most of the race and soon after Bailey slid back to the end of the line a left Ger out by himself. #42 Richard Hans took the vacant spot up top and pushed the 54 to the lead but that did not last a full lap before the lose condition forced both the 41 and 54 to close to the wall to continue their push to the front.

#41 Kenneth Foxworth pushed the #96 of Cole, doing there best to keep the field at bay. By lap 23 the field come back together two wide. The outside line consisted of 2 to 3 cars was fighting back an fourth for the lead with Ger leading that second line of cars against Cole leading the inside line.

Lap 26 found our drivers needing fuel. For the first green flag pit stops. All the drivers but 2 stayed out putting Ger into the lead. But that soon proved to be a mistake for Ger who was able to stay out for 5 more laps.

Ger had his breaks lock up when slowing down to get into the pits and spun out. He had a quick pit stop but the damage in time was already done. He dropped to 5th.

Cole and Foxworth teamed up after their pit stops and took over the top spots. Eventual joining them in 3rd was Hans. Foxworth and Hans traded position back and fourth.

At about the fourth of the way thru the race, a second round of green flag pit stops took place. The top three relentlessly switched spots over the next few laps. Cole who would lead at the line would fall back into third and ride there for several laps. Eventually, Cole took the lead back from Foxworth on lap 57. This pass was due in part from the top three going three wide in turns 3 and 4. Sorting out the top three with Cole, Hans then Foxworth.

Foxworths’ ProEsprtsGaming Camaro seemed to have some issues with the blinker fluid over a few laps during the race. This was causing some issues with the “now you see me and now you don’t” syndrome for the drivers behind him. Seemed that this was not a big enough issue to throw the black flag.

This caused the #42 Hans to make the pass for second on the high side and try to continue the charge for the front. While lap 60 was a great push for the #42, at the line the #96 took the lead back before the finish line. While the high side had some quick runs on the super stretch and on exit of turns two and four. Has was only able to stay on the outside lane enough to get his nose past 96 a few times and never truly kept the lead for more than a lap or two. Even with help on that line Hans never used the inside line to maintain the lead. And on lap 65 Foxworth split the 96 and 42 three wide to take the lead with Hans in tow.

Lap 69 saw the third around of green flag pit stops. Changing the order of these cars once again. With Cole leading the charge off pit road with Hans the Foxworth in tow!

Lap 72 saw another caution brought out, this time by Bailey. In an interview with his crew chief, it would seem there were issues with his transmission downshifting into a lower gear. This resulted in a wheel spin and the ensuing a crash in the tri-oval. “Yeah one minute we was dong okay then we weren’t”, said the crew chief of the R.L. Shackleford. “We was as bewildered as the rest of ya’s”. he continued.

Cole had a incident with his pit stop where he had to return to the pits the next lap. We reached out to the crew chief and he said, “I got no comment at this time”. We can only assume that there was some sort of issue with the car. There were no penalties issued to Cole or his team. Cole has now fallen back to one lap down and in fourth place.

Most of the field had for the most part been running solo thru the rest of the race. Until Lap cars became an issue with the leaders. This changes how the fuel mileage game was to play out. Most of the lap cars had enough fuel to get to the end and the leaders did not.

The 42 and the leader 41 were following Ger (a lap down) who broke the air and was able to help them save a bit on fuel.

With 6 to go Hans alerts the field of his intention to pit for fuel. This opened up the field for different strategies. No one went in with Hans and the top two drivers (Foxworth and Colombo) stayed out.

On lap 99 Foxworth found that his fuel strategy just was not going to work out. He came into the pits to hot and missed the pit entry and ended up in the infield grass. While he did not spin out he did manage to get a black flag for an unsafe pit entry. Relinquishing the lead to Richard Hans in the #42 MicroFlex Inc. Camry.

Hans wouldn’t look back and took the Checkered Flag for the first win in the NBRL. With the Fireworks exploding in the air above the Daytona International Speedway, Hans took his car to the start finish line for the final time for Pictures and a celebration that will be recorded for all history to see!

In a race that saw some great competition and incredible race we all came away winners in this one. Congratulations Richard Hans, winner of the first NBRL sanctioned race.

“After the race, The top three cars and the R. L. Shackleford Memorial cars all lined up to pay tribute.